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Bio Snow

Bio Snow

“Create a green white Christmas with our Biological Snow items”

Bio Snow

Magic Bio Snow, for all kinds of snow items you have come to the right place at Peha. From this year Peha also offers biological snow which will also be produced inhouse. Due to the wide range, own production of the snow articles in Europe and therefore very competitive prices, we are the number one supplier of snow items in the b2b business. You will find any item you need at Peha to create a beautiful white winter world!

Own production, never out of stock and uniform packagings

Not only the competitive prices but also the uniform look of the packagings and the convenience of direct delivery is a huge advantage of our snow line. We are: "never out of stock".

  • Bio Powdersnow
  • BIO Snowblanket
  • BIO Snowflakes
  • BIO Fluff Snow

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